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Strategy Associate

We’re looking for a Strategy Associate to support the company’s growth initiatives by providing data-driven insights through research and communication with top-tier legal and consulting partners.
We operate in the high-frequency trading (HFT) industry, solving complex problems at the intersection of technology, mathematics, and business. There are no ready-made solutions for these challenges, and we compete daily in quality and speed with the strongest teams worldwide.

In our company, we have meticulously gathered individuals who know how to achieve success: they think quickly and effectively, maintain "significantly above average" performance over long distances, and take responsibility for the final result. We are currently seeking another such person for the position of Strategy Associate in the Strategy & Business Development team.

As part of the team, this person will play a crucial role in supporting the development, implementation, and evolution of the company’s strategic growth initiatives by providing thorough research, legal assessments, and financial analysis. You will facilitate the company's entry into new financial markets, structure our corporate framework for regulatory compliance, and drive the analysis and execution of new initiatives. This position is particularly rewarding because your work will directly contribute to company growth and development. Therefore, you will receive full support from the business and access to nearly unlimited resources to implement the boldest initiatives, working alongside with top-tier experts from consulting, legal, and auditing firms.
Negotiation experience.
Professional experience with financial markets.
Olympic-level employee care:
corporate well-being coach
comprehensive health insurance (DMS)
tracking and support for maintaining key health indicators
leisure organization
office meals from the best restaurants
Monitoring industry regulations, compliance requirements, and coordinating with regulatory and legal representatives to ensure all strategies and projects comply with legal standards.
Providing analytical support for the company’s strategic growth and conducting extensive research on markets, industry best practices, and regulatory requirements.
Managing a diverse range of organizational initiatives, including strategy definition, research and analysis, and execution coordination.
A position in a team of top 1% specialists in the market: management from major tech companies, specialists with 10+ years of industry experience, winners of country-level and international Math and Programming olympiads.
Acting as a support liaison with top global law and consulting firms on matters related to financial and strategic planning.
Engaging tasks: You won't have two identical projects; you will constantly explore new areas and seek shortcuts and creative approaches to solving a wide range of problems.
High-paced work environment: All company processes are result-oriented, with rapid feedback cycles.

will be

a plus:

Unlimited growth opportunities: You can create things from scratch and implement ambitious projects, collaborating with leading global consultants.

you’ll be

responsible for:

A minimum of 2 years of professional experience in Consulting, Investment Banking/Private Equity/Venture Capital, or at the strategy/commercial/etc. teams of fast-paced technology corporations or startups.
Qualifications in Economics, Management, Consulting, Strategy from a recognized institution.
Proven experience of effective collaboration with external parties such as consultants or legal advisors.
Perfect self-management and multi-tasking skills that allow you to handle 3-4 projects simultaneously with no point of failure.

we expect

from you:

Experience level
An analytical mindset and the ability to quickly and deeply immerse in a new area of knowledge.
An entrepreneurial work ethic and the ability to take initiative and ownership.
Experience with financial analysis.
Maintaining reports and dashboards, and preparing presentations and reports for the CEO and Management team to support decision-making processes.
Facilitating internal communication regarding financial and strategic changes and updates.


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